Autumn Makeup Inspo

Autumn Makeup Inspo


Autumn-Winter 21 colours are rocking an earthy, warm natural theme, as many people are still more in work-from-home mode; comfy, relaxed and casual. Designers are also working with some beautiful rich brown and jewel tones, which we’re loving and which we’ve used as inspo to create an easy makeup look, that’s perfect for work through to a night out.

Here it is in three easy steps:

Prime the face with Velvet Veil to help foundation apply easily and last longer.

Apply Paramedical Foundation, building up where more coverage is needed and paring back where you need less.

Highlight with Candle Glow Gold using a small amount patted with your ring finger down the bridge of the nose, Cupid’s bow and top of the brow bone, just under the outer edge of the eyebrow.

Cheeks are defined using the bronzer from the Duo Blusher/Bronzer ‘Two Fabulous’.


Create a perfect arch by using the Brow Kit in Taupe.

Using the new Quinset Eyeshadow palette in Nude (pictued below), apply eyeshadows from light to dark, starting with Oyster as a base all over the eye. Mother of Pearl is nice on the upper half of the lid, Brown Silver on the lower half. Chocolate Brown Matte can be used smudged on the outer third of the eye for extra definition, and White Satin is perfect for subtle highlighting definition under the brows.

Line the upper lash line with Black Out Gel Eyeliner for tear-proof, smudge-proof, all day wear. Pro tip here; if you’re not very confident with gel or liquid eyeliners, just apply into the lash line with a dot, dot, dot motion, pressing the tip of the brush onto the lash line, instead of trying to ‘draw’ the perfect line. 

Waterproof mascara is great for the lashes - give the top lashes a thick coating by applying the brush into the mid-section of the lashes then wiggling the mascara wand in small movements left and right. This prevents clumping and makes the mascara apply more evenly and effectively.

Finish the look with a subtle line of Mother of Pearl on the lower lash line or inner corner of the eye, just to help give a little jzoush!


Line the lips with Pink Nude to define and correct the lip shape. Lip liners are often over-looked but are really great for preventing lipstick bleeding into any creases around the mouth, and they help your lippy stay put. For this look we chose lipstick in Spicy Rum to add a little shimmer and glam.

Posted: Wed 14 Apr 2021