Mature Makeup Magic

Mature Makeup Magic


By Hayley Morrell

Lead Makeup Artist 

Wendy Hill Cosmetics

I often get asked to do makeup lessons for women over 55. Sometimes because they are heading overseas to their daughters wedding and are not sure where to book. Sometimes because their friend has had one and found it incredibly informative. But most commonly because they have been applying the same products the same way for 20+ years and are desperately wanting to update their look.

The keys to creating a youthful looking makeup we age are:

* Bigger, brighter eyes

* A lifted, glowing complexion 

* Fuller, wider lips

Here’s a super flattering look I’ve created many times with the Wendy Hill makeup collection using bronzy golds that play with the light. It suits everyone and is my ‘go to’ for mother of the bride/groom.

The perfect base

Wendy told me probably 20 years ago ‘If you have 10 minutes to do a makeup, spend 7 creating flawless, glowing beautiful skin’. That’s stuck with me and has served me well throughout my career.

Begin with a clean face and apply a moisturiser such as Oxygen ‘Intensive Moisturiser' to plump the skin full of moisture and hydration. 

When this has absorbed use ‘Velvet Veil’ primer with your foundation brush. This product is an absolute star! It fills in flakey patches, open pores as well as any fine lines caused by dehydration. 

Follow with the 'Jojoba liquid foundation SPF15’ that matches your skin perfectly. Test this along the jawline. This light, dewy liquid foundation photographs exceptionally well (especially important for weddings) and provides a youthful appearance. Be sure to go back through with a concealing Camouflage Creme that matches and carefully camouflage any dark circles, pigmentation or redness/capillary damage that comes with age. (Yellow Camouflage Creme is ideal for under the foundation too)

To set your base, take Wendy Hill ‘Oil controlling pressed powder’ and lightly brush over the t-zone. Use sparingly as the key to a youthful appearance is a dewy complexion. This product is a great one to pop in your hand bag for touch ups too… it’s not messy to use and comes with a handy little mirror.

A Glowing complexion

The Wendy Hill Collection has 3 gorgeous Candle Glow highlighters; Pearly Pink, Bronze and Gold. Choose one that matches the complexion best and use a small amount to highlight the top of the cheek bones, the collar bones, cupids bow and anywhere else you wish to emphasise. Alternatively mix a small amount with your Jojoba Foundation before applying it and let the light naturally highlight for you.

Apply blush to the apples of the cheeks to spark a little extra glow. My fav is ‘Mango glow’.

Bigger, brighter eyes

We want to bring out the sparkle in the eyes and add definition.

Using the Smudge Eye Pencils in either ‘Baroque’ or ‘Smoke’ go across the lash line and up into the socket/crease, blend with a small amount of ‘Honey Glow’ eyeshadow on a blender brush. Define further with a ‘Magnetism’ Gel Liner just across the top lash line with a small ‘flick’ to open and extend the eye. Magnetism is a gorgeous black colour, shot with gold which provides impact but in a softer form than plain black. The Indelible Gel Eyeliners are great for mature woman as they are waterproof so will stay put! Finish with lashings of black waterproof mascara.


Using the Indelible Brow Liner in either ‘Blondi’ or ‘Brunette’ create the all important perfect brow using small hair strokes. As we get older our brows fade and the lack of definition can be a tell tail sign of ageing. (You can also try the Brow Kit which includes stencils to help guide you)

Voluptuous pout

As we age our lips become thinner. Use a lip liner in a neutral shade such as ‘Pink Nude’ to subtly extend the lips and create a fuller, more voluptuous pout. Fill the lips in with the liner and follow this with a flattering rose bud colour such as the new lipsticks ‘Sparkling Wine’, or Crystal Rose’ or the ever popular ‘Winterberry’

Finish with Wendy Hill Makeup Setting Spray.

There’s nothing more rewarding than holding the mirror up at the end of a makeover and getting that wow look on your clients face… the confidence looking and feeling beautiful brings is unprecedented.

5 Common mistakes mature women make when applying makeup

1. Using a thick matte compact foundation. This causes the skin to appear dull and dry.

2. Choosing a foundation that is darker than their skin tone to make them look more tanned, when in actual fact it makes it impossible to blend.

3. Not defining eye brows. Brows fade as we age and so adding natural definition is key to a youthful appearance.

4. Using lots of shimmer, particularly on the eye. This throws light in all sorts of angles and accentuates crepey skin and fine lines.

5. Not blending blush. You shouldn’t be able to see where your blusher starts and finishes, it should blend seamlessly

Posted: Fri 19 Jul 2019