Makeup evening entertains & educates

Makeup evening entertains & educates

Sally Stanton is not one to sit about bemoaning the weather – nor the usual winter slowdown in business.

Sally is an experienced makeup artist and an entrepreneurial and energetic businesswoman who runs three businesses based in Kerikeri - a personal styling and image consultant service, a thriving makeup business based on Wendy Hill Cosmetics, and a contemporary clothing store. So she’s perfectly positioned to host a makeup evening to entertain, educate and inform local women on the tips and tricks of makeup application, which she did recently with great success.

The event was held at her i-style clothing store in Kerikeri Road, which is also the base for her makeup and style consultancy businesses. Sally provided her clients with a few nibbles, wine and juice, and she says it was a great evening that everyone enjoyed.

Sally (pictured above) did three makeup demonstrations during the event which she says was a great success.

“It was my first event at the shop, and I did it to promote Wendy Hill Cosmetics,” she says. “I believe in the makeup, its quality, durability and the fact that it’s so beautiful to wear.

 “We had 16 people turn up, which is a great turnout for a cold winter evening in Kerikeri. I did it by invitation, although I did post it on Facebook, but only got one attendee from that posting.

“It certainly brought awareness of  the Wendy Hill makeup brand and the fact that I stock it, and the mixed ages of the women that attended - from students to mums and grandmas - was excellent and enabled me to show off the products for each age group.”

“We made sales on the night with more to follow, and the feedback has been great,” she says. “I’ll definitely hold another one."

The team at Wendy Hill Cosmetics was pleased to be able to support Sally with a prize package for the evening along with posters, and other promotional material.

Bev Callaghan of Kerikeri (below) won the Wendy Hill gift pack after Sally had done her makeup. 

Sally explains how she did the makeup:

“Bev only wanted a light day look so I used firstly the fabulous Velvet Veil skin primer, then applied a touch of No Baggage under the eyes. The Medium Tinted Moisturiser mixed with Café Au Lait Jojoba Liquid Foundation gave a sheer but adequate cover with a Medium/Light Powder to set and diminish the shine.  I applied Blusher Duo to her cheeks, and for her eyes I used Oyster and Matte Brown Eyeshadow, followed by Magnetism Gel Eyeliner, all topped off with Mascara. I touched up her brows using the Taupe Brow Powder.  Lips were outlined and partially filled using the Pink Nude lip liner followed by Barely Beige lippy.”

It’s great to see Sally being so active and innovative in promoting her business and the Wendy Hill makeup brand, and we were pleased to be able to support her.

If you would like to arrange a similar promotion in your business, please contact us to  discuss details of how we may be able to help.

Posted: Thu 26 Jul 2018