The Art of Colour

The Art of Colour

By Wendy Hill

Staying current with colour trends and directions is essential for every makeup professional.

So when the US-based colour authority Pantone, names its Pantone Colour of the Year, that colour is quickly embraced and incorporated into makeup colours and makeup design, as well as in interior design, homewares, fashion, hair and nails.

Pantone has named Marsala as the 2015 Colour of the Year.

The colour takes its name from Sicilian fortified wine, and is a tasteful hue that falls somewhere between rose and brown. Pantone’s colour experts described their choice in these terms: “a naturally robust and earthy wine red, Marsala enriches our minds, bodies, and souls.”

It’s a hearty yet stylish tone that is universally appealing, as it translates easily into fashion, hair and beauty.

Marsala is a spectacular colour for hair with sultry shades of deep wine and grounding red browns that emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness. Lighter shades and accents of the colour will follow through for the summer season. Dark, vampy nails will continue to be popular with lighter and brighter options introduced.

Cosmetic companies quickly introduced winter makeup looks using Marsala as a statement colour on its own, or using it as an accent tone to many other colours.

It is a subtly seductive shade that embraces warmth, and has the advantage that it works with most skin tones.

Unlike previous Pantone picks, Radiant Orchid and Emerald, Marsala makeup shades are infinitely more wearable, and the deep moody looks they create are still on the rise. It has been embraced by stars such as Lorde, Kylie Jenner, Rhianna and Kate Moss, who are often spotted wearing dark, vampy lip shades.

Because it’s such a versatile shade, beauty experts are now launching slightly lighter, warmer shades to transport Marsala into spring and summer makeup looks. This trend is here to stay for a while.

But, we don’t need to give up our beloved vampy shades for the warmer season, and lips are the obvious place to sport those tones.

The Wendy Hill Cosmetics team has combined our favourites using lighter Marsala eye colours to offset deeper lips for fresh, spring makeup looks.

Smooth, silky skin is still paramount for spring and summer, so prepping with Wendy Hill Skin Primer Velvet Veil is a must, followed by the silky texture of Anti-Aging Tinted Moisturiser SPF30 to ensure a lovely smooth finish and sun protection.

A few drops of Candle Glow Pearly Pink highlighter added to the Tinted Moisturiser will highlight the skin beautifully. Try adding the highlighter to the cheekbones and a touch to the sides of the temples to brighten and create a vibrant face when using rich tones. When you’re using rich lip shades, do the blush last to avoid adding too much colour. When the lips are defined, the cheeks need less pop.

We used the Blusher/Bronzer Duo Two Fabulous, which comes with its own brilliant brush that can be used to apply each colour separately as contour and blusher, or swipe the brush through the two colours.

Pat a small amount of the bronzer just under the edge of the cheekbones to contour and mould it into the skin by pressing lightly with the brush before adding a little of the warm peachy Blusher shade on the apples of the cheeks for a fresh, warm natural look. Soften and shape the brows with Indelible Brow Liner -Taupe, and polish with Clear Brow Sealer Mascara to complete grooming the brows.

For the eyes, start with Candle Glow Pearly Pink all over the lid and brow area for a dewy effect, followed by Eyeshadow Antique Gold pressed onto the lids and under the eyes, gently blending the edges to create a soft smudgy eye.

Work with the Wendy Hill Eyeshadow Blender brush for the lids and Angular Eye Brush under the eyes for this effect.

Add a touch of No Baggage Eyelift just under the brow bone to freshen the eye area and as an extra highlighter, and finish with MD Lash Amplifying Mascara and Primer for luscious lashes. Pared back, simple eye makeup is the sexiest way to offset strong defined lip shades.

We chose the deepest shade in the Wendy Hill 5-shade Lipstick Carousel for this vampy lip. These deep tones brighten the complexion and make the teeth look whiter, but can be trickier to apply. Trace around the lips first with the Chocolate Lip Liner then colour in the lips using the pencil to create a lovely earthy base, then apply lipstick carefully with the Lip Brush.

Tiffany Matte Lipstick Paso Doble is great too for a deep red matte shade, and Hot Tamali for a spicy red.

As the Pantone experts say, Marsala is a great ‘go-to’ colour for beauty, providing beautiful highlights for eyes, lips, cheeks and hair, and a captivating pop of colour for nails.