How To Create A Winning Bridal Makeup Look

How To Create A Winning Bridal Makeup Look

D’artagan Dunlop from the New Zealand Institute Of Electrolysis and Beauty Therapy in Palmerston North, was the winner of the 2014 Wendy Hill Cosmetics Student Bridal Makeup Competition.

D’artagan – who’s known as D’art - created a beautiful classical makeup for her winning entry that demonstrated to our judging team that she has a sound knowledge of advanced professional makeup techniques.

Wendy says D’art had a strong vision for her bridal look and was creative in her use of available products to achieve her end result. “D’art clearly has an artists eye,” she says.

D’art says her bridal model, Tain Dunlop (pictured right), wanted a fresh, dewy youthful look that was natural and beautiful. Here’s how she did that, and created her winning look:

My vision and inspiration was Tain’s wedding dress and flower hairpiece and getting the colours right. The consultation with Tain and planning what she wanted also helped with my vision. I studied her face and straight away, what I loved most was her cheekbones, eyes and lips and I wanted to give them a pop that would stand out in her wedding photos.

I see makeup like building a house: you can’t start building without a strong foundation. I wanted to create flawless looking skin, hiding dark circles around her eyes and any blemishes, and theCamouflage Carousel Concealer helped me achieve this.

After building my foundation using Jojoba Liquid Foundation Bit of Beige and blending well for a natural finish, I completed it with Oil Controlling Loose Powder Light.

I defined her lovely facial structure by adding Camel Blusher as a contour below her cheekbones in a slight diagonal line, blended well to the temples and below the jawline. I applied Mild Pink Blusher to the apples of her cheeks with a flick like the Nike tick!

To finish my facial structure I added highlighter using a white shimmer from the Lip Carousel Berry Delicious, to create good dimensional photos. I wanted to bring out Tain’s inner beauty through her beautiful eyes, so I used the natural classical cream and brown shades in the Eyeshadow Foursome Warm, applying one at a time and blending after adding each colour, starting from the inner corner of the eyes and going from light to dark. I also applied the four different colours along the lash line underneath the eyes.

I felt as though Tain’s look was missing a pop, so I applied the white shimmer to the inner eyes to give a WOW factor, but still thought I needed more! I then got creative again and used a fine disposable brush and Black Mascara for a liquid eyeliner effect. That was difficult to create, but worth it for the overall look which made her eyes stand out.

A soft blush pink from the Lip Carousel Berry Delicious was chosen to look natural but to still look amazing and plump.

I defined her lips with Concealer to give a definite frame around the edges of her lips and added Wetlips. For the final touch-up I wet a brush slightly and applied Coffee Eyeshadow to the brows, because it was the perfect shade and gave shape and definition. That was followed by a touch of white shimmer under the brows just to highlight the brows and eyes for that extra WOW factor!

I thought the overall makeup look was a very classical bridal look, and I thought she looked beautiful. Her photos turned out amazing and flawless.

Tain loved her final look that matched her consultation. It was challenging not having all the products in class that I wanted, so being creative was my only option, and that’s why I used blush for contour, lip gloss for highlighter, eyeshadow for brows and mascara for liquid eye liner!

I believe being creative is fun, don’t be scared to try new things and that all products are not just for one thing. Play around - you’ll be surprised. Wendy Hill Makeup products were amazing to use and easily applied.

I found it fun to use and to create a perfect look: her makeup stayed in place the whole day, the colours were just perfect and my bride looked stunning!