How to create an ageless beauty look

How to create an ageless beauty look

By Sylvia Honan

Wendy Hill Cosmetics Makeup Trainer

Mature women today are more active than ever, enjoying the freedom of modern lifestyles. They have more choices in their appearance and they want to look great in line with their more youthful approach to life.

With a regime of regular skincare and keeping current with makeup and clothes, it’s quite possible to move through the decades looking ageless and fabulous.

Our model is a perfect illustration that fashions can change and trends evolve, but true elegance never ages.

Prep: Apply Wendy Hill Oil Free Moisturiser SPF46, designed with our strong New Zealand sunlight in mind. Good protection is paramount to skin health.

Prime: Velvet Veil, the silkiest primer, before applying Jojoba Liquid Foundation SPF15 with a touch of Candle Glow Pearly Pink highlighter mixed in to reflect light and brighten dull skin, and showcase a flawless complexion. Using a Primer evens-out the skin’s texture and prevents the Foundation from ‘grabbing’ on mature skin that is often dry and delicate. It provides a smooth base for the Foundation and gives the illusion of more youthful skin.

Foundation: Satin finish liquid Foundation suits mature, drier skin because it has a soft texture and won’t settle in any facial lines. Keep the foundation light and natural – less is more! The extra protection of the SPF15 is beneficial too.

Blusher: Mango Glow Blusher is applied to the apples of the cheeks and is suitable for all skin tones. Mature skin can sometimes become a little dull or sallow - using a mango or soft pink blusher will soften and add life to the complexion.

Brighten: Good Night’s Sleep, a soft yellow-based corrective concealer that also has a tightening effect, making the model appear well rested. Being a liquid concealer, it’s much lighter than a crème-based concealer, and won’t settle in fine lines around the eyes.

Lashes: Condition and dress the lashes with MD Mascara/Primer in black with added fibres to give thickness and length to fine lashes. Make the eyes sparkle with a touch of Smudge Eye Pencils Champagne and Baroque. An easy product to use: whip it on and feel confident that it will perform. A soft smudgy eyeliner look is more flattering than sharp lines. Brows can become sparse with age, but keeping brows softly defined is essential to frame the face so sculpt the eyebrows delicately using the Indelible Brow Liner Blondi.

Lips: Sharp lip liner is aging while a soft smudgy edge applied to the lips looks more natural and helps to shape the lip line, because lips can become less defined with age. The soft shades of Pretty Lip Liner with Barely There Lipstick complete her elegant and age appropriate makeup. Soft peachy pinks, corals and woody-rose lipstick shades work best. Avoid shades that are too bright, too dark or too pale.