Wendy Hill Team Polytech visits

Wendy Hill Team Polytech visits

Members of the Wendy Hill Cosmetics Team made a tour of Polytech clients in the lower South Island late 2014, demonstrating the latest makeup techniques to students and tutors alike, with a particular emphasis on bridal makeup in preparation for the annual Wendy Hill Cosmetics Student Bridal makeup award.

Wendy herself visited the Queenstown Campus of the Southern Institute of Technology where she spoke to 11 enthusiastic and interested students. Our photo shows the SIT Queenstown students and Beauty Therapy Tutor Laura-dee Burgess (in the makeup chair) with Wendy on her right.

Meanwhile, General Manager Tiffany Clarke and Senior Makeup Trainer and Events Consultant Amitee Green Hill, followed that with visits to Aoraki Polytech Campus’ in Dunedin, Oamaru, Timaru and Christchurch, where they spoke to students and tutors.

Amitee (second from left) with Aoraki Polytech Dunedin tutor, Justine Brown, on her left and Dunedin students
Aoraki Oamaru tutor, Jennie Jenkinson (third from left) with Amitee
and the Oamaru students
Timaru students gather in the sunshine with their tutor,
Heleen Craig, centre front and Amitee behind her

The team also made a flying visit to Aoraki’s temporary campus in Christchurch where they spoke to an enthusiastic group of students and tutor Nirvana Liddell in a special late afternoon presentation.

Posted: Thu 05 Feb 2015