Welcome to the new future of lash amplification!

Welcome to the new future of lash amplification!

In the competitive field of enhancing lash and brow length and thickness, Wendy Hill Cosmetics is pleased and proud to be able to offer you the latest, greatest and safest products, guaranteed to bring quick and noticeable improvement to lashes and brows.

Our new MD Lash Amplifying Mascara and Primer with RegenaLash gives thicker, fuller, longer looking lashes instantly, while our new MD Lash & Brow Amplifying Serum promotes healthier, longer lashes and fuller brows in four to six weeks. The Measureable Difference lash range is manufactured in the United States to the highest international standards so you know they’re safe and effective – and they’re very competitively priced!


Our Lash Amplifying Mascara and Primer with RegenaLash is infused with Peptide and will nourish and condition with natural ingredients promoting soft, supple lashes while the clear, lightweight primer instantly lengthens and thickens for amplified fullness and length, creating a bold dramatic look. Long lasting, smudgeproof, highly effective and not tested on animals.

Code WH5542
RRP $47.85


Our Lash & Brow Amplifying Serum with RegenaLash is ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested and approved, and also contains natural ingredients that nourish, hydrate and condition lashes and brows. Clinical trials show an average 46% improvement in lashes in six weeks. Powerful peptide-infused treatment, highly effective and not tested on animals.

Code: WH5540
RRP: $76.50

RegenaLash™ is a clinically tested peptide serum that stimulates keratin to enhance lashes and brows. It's a powerful serum formulated with nature’s most beneficial ingredients and science’s most advanced technology for noticeable, quantifiable, impressive results, while also providing anti-aging and anti-microbial protection! It is healthy, safe and effective American technology, fully tested and approved to the highest health and safety standards of the USA and the European Union. 

Our MD Lash and Brow products are the best available because they are:

  • Filled with natural ingredients to nourish and condition
  • Prostaglandin and paraben free
  • Safe to use and won’t cause side effects such as irritation and redness to eyes or skin, hyperpigmentation of the iris or darkening of the pigments of green and blue eyes
  • Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested and approved
  • Clinically proven to give noticeable results
  • Designed for lashes AND brows
  • Safe for all skin types and to use with contact lenses
  • Made in the USA
  • Professional only and exclusive to Wendy Hill Cosmetics
  • Not tested on animals
  • Great prices and great results!

The MD Lash Range is the next generation of lash and brow treatments, and we at Wendy Hill Cosmetics are delighted and very proud to be able to make them available for New Zealand women to enjoy the impressive, healthy results.

Posted: Wed 24 Sep 2014