Stunning New Products

Stunning New Products

We've introduced a range of lovely new products with exceptional fashion shades.

3 New Lipsticks

Brighten any smile with our luscious new lipsticks. These lipsticks are packed with Vitamin E for continuous moisture.

Au Natural - A creamy nude shade to evoke a healthy natural look. (WH6149)
Apricot Shimmer - A sun-kissed peach shade with a hint of shine. (WH6147)
Hot Tamale- A spicy hot crimson red shade with a pearly finish. (WH6151)
For a perfect application use a Lip Shaper Brush (WH7005).

RRP $37.80

2 New Lip Gloss Pout Poppers

Lip Gloss with benefits! This instant Pout Plumper with natural capsicum will pop your pout and give you fuller, sexier lips. The slight tingling sensation lets you know it's working, while the formula moisturises and shines! Glides on smoothly and has a soft vanilla taste.

Invite - A soft warm pink shade - will guarantee you an invite! (WH6310)
Quiver - A cool, pinky purple shade for a sexy pout. (WH6311)

RRP $37.80

Indelible Gold Gel Eyeliner

Keep eyeliner on all day with this new Indelible Gel Eyeliner in a fabulous 9-carat gold shade. The water resistant formula glides on without smudging, lining and defining the eyes beautifully. Use as an eyeliner or blend out for a soft eyeshadow effect. Code WHM3005.

RRP $37.80

New Super Silky Eyeshadows

Advanced formula glides easily onto the eyes while providing beautiful rich colour. Use softly as a highlighter or blend for rich colour.

Hot Pink Opalescent - A gorgeous pink, shot with tones of opalescence for a stunning effect. (WH5133)
Anaconda - A soft avocado green shade, ideal as a highlighter to complement other tones. Great with Infiltrate. (WH5110)
Infiltrate- A rich peacock green that will make the eyes pop! (WH5114)

RRP $33.50

Posted: Wed 22 Dec 2010