Online Makeup Tutorials!

Online Makeup Tutorials!

Now you can see the latest makeup styles and learn how to create these looks, with the marvellous new Wendy Hill online tutorials.

These exclusive tutorials are the work of our online makeup artist, Carol Ann Docherty (pictured), a brilliant young artist based in Queenstown, who brings a fresh new youthful approach to makeup tutorials.

You can view Carol Ann's first tutorial - on subtle smoky eyes here.

You can also access this tutorial - and our other tutorials as they are added - through the Tutorials link on the main menu bar on our website.

If you have registered for the Wendy Hill Cosmetics online newsletters, you will automatically receive advice each time a new tutorial is added with a direct link to it.

These marvellous tutorials are part of our programme of upskilling those in the beauty profession and women generally, from the comfort of their own home or clinic. The tutorials are designed for and are appropriate to everyone with an interest in makeup and makeup techniques - consumers and beauty professional alike.

They enable us to demonstrate the latest makeup trends and techniques in a simple, easy to follow way, and we think it's a marvellous method to help everyone to update and extend their skills.

We are thrilled to be joined by Carol Ann as our online artist. While the Internet provides a huge resource of information on makeup techniques generally - as well as makeup looks and how to do them - Carol Ann is the only credible independent New Zealand online makeup artist, so her work relates very strongly to New Zealand women. Combined with the wonderful Wendy Hill Makeup Collection, it's a winning combination!

Carol Ann loves makeup and beauty, and she says makeup is a fun way for all women to increase their confidence and enhance their natural beauty, and we agree with her totally!

We're very excited at this new development so we hope you will take a look at the tutorial and register to receive future videos!

With kind regards 

The Wendy Hill Team

Posted: Tue 12 Apr 2011