Winter White Wedding Dreams

Winter White Wedding Dreams

Weddings are no longer a summer-only occasion, with many brides now choosing to get married during the cooler months.

Sometimes the choice is for practical reasons because of the high cost and the limited venue dates available over spring and summer. Winter weddings have also become more popular, because there is an opportunity to plan the occasion to have an air of mystery, an alluring appeal and a special sparkle. A bride planning her winter white wedding in snowy regions can style her whole wedding to complement and embrace the cooler climates.

Makeup takes on a different look too. With summer days the natural light has a more golden hue, whereas the winter light is sharper and cooler, and bridal makeup will need to work photographically with these changes. Because of the colder temperatures, it would be a brave bride who would have all her wedding photos taken outside, but a selection taken in an icy, beautiful setting will be dramatic and spectacular.

A makeup plan will include shades that warm up the bride’s skin tone, with medium to deeper shades on the eyes in a soft smoky style to counteract the sharper light and add a touch of drama. Lips can be medium soft shades, or a deeper berry shade can look terrific too.

For our snowy white bride we first applied Primer Velvet Veil to the skin, and Good Night’s Sleep Concealer under the eyes, before choosing Paramedical Camouflage Foundation in Light Ivory Beige, which has a matte/satin finish. HD High Definition Powder was brushed over the foundation to set the makeup for the day and be camera ready!

Brows were lined with Brow Powder Black/Brown and polished with Clear Brow Sealer. For the eyes - White Satin Eyeshadow was applied from lash to brow to highlight, followed by Honey Glow on the lids and Brown Matte to add definition.

Our favourite faux Graduated Lashes were applied, then the eyes were lined with (tear proof!) Gel Eyeliner Black Out, and finished with three coats of Black Waterproof Mascara.

Blusher/Bronzer -Two Fabulous is perfect to contour the face, blending the Bronzer just under the cheekbones, and the Blusher swept onto the cheekbones to highlight and shade. A touch of Bronzer to the temples, chin and under the jawbone will add warmth to the face and contour beautifully for the photos.

Her lips were softly lined with Lipliner Pretty and finished with Lip Gloss Pout Popper Invite.

Other popular winter wedding options are to go offshore to tropical islands like Fiji and Rarotonga where the makeup will work best with a more summery look. Lighter, brighter shades will complement the warm temperatures, the beach atmosphere and the beautiful golden light.

A bride’s wedding day is one of the most important days of her life and her makeup needs to complement her skin tone and style, to perform and last the day, and of course to photograph beautifully. Lovely memories and lovely photographs will define her special day!

Article by Wendy Hill