Getting married? Make sure the makeup is perfect!

Getting married? Make sure the makeup is perfect!

We highly recommended that all brides have their makeup done professionally on the wedding day. After all, it’s one of the most important days of her life to look and feel her most beautiful, so this is not a day for any DIY!

Look for a professional makeup artist: they are trained in bridal makeup and will guide you through the process.

The most important aspects to consider are:

  • the makeup is the right style for you and your wedding party, and that complementary shades are chosen
  • use only professional photographic makeup to ensure the makeup performs and lasts well
  • the artist applies your makeup to enhance your best features for the camera.

Photographs taken at a wedding are kept forever, so the makeup needs to be as near perfect as possible to ensure the bride is looking her classically beautiful best.

One thing to always keep in mind is that when it comes to makeup, not all brands are created equal, so it’s important to use a professional photographic brand that will make it easy to achieve a beautiful result and will perform all day to ensure that you’ll be happy with the photographs of your special day!
It’s important that a bride looks like herself and is not overdone. The makeup should enhance your best features, but not change you completely.

Keep the makeup soft and natural with enough definition to be seen in photographs but not too light and not too dark! The camera will cause makeup to look washed out if not enough definition is applied. If it’s too heavy and mask-like, it’ll look unnatural and too sharp.

Keep the wedding party coordinated with shades that suit the skin tones and the colours of their outfits and complements the overall style of the wedding.

Remember that the bride is the focus of the day and your makeup needs to be the most special. Sometimes, makeup artists like to soften the bridesmaid’s makeup to create a “backdrop” to the bride, by applying softer tones of the same eye and lip shades applied to the bride.

We think a trial is essential before the big day. This is the time to plan the style and choose the right makeup products, and the chance for you to trial and be happy with the makeup. It also prepares you for the day so you know what to expect, so there’s no chance of any unpleasant surprises!

Tell your makeup artist if you have any allergies or sensitivities, and any scars or tattoos that may need to be covered, because this can take extra time on the day, and she’ll need to have corrective camouflage on hand.

It’s important the artist applies foundation so that it’ll last all day and into the night, and that she sets the foundation with a photographic matte powder.

Do purchase and have the recommended powder ready to touch-up any shininess that may appear during your wedding day. Too often we’ve seen wedding photos taken later in the day and evening ruined when the bridal party have unknowingly touched up their makeup with a non-photographic powder. These powders can be highly reflective which will result in photographs showing ashen or white faces. The camera hates shine!

Ideally, purchase the chosen lipstick to make sure the right shade is reapplied all day and ensures continuity in your photos. A handy hit for the bridal party is to have a retractable lip brush loaded with lip colour, which can be popped into the bags of bridesmaids, making it easy for them to touch up lipstick during the day.

Applying a soft highlighting bronzing powder all over the face and décolletage with a large powder brush will have you softly shimmering all day long, and keep a warmth to your makeup that the camera loves. 
Achieve a beautiful natural flush with blushers in neutral tones such as Camel, Mild Pink, or a soft mango colour.

Keep eye makeup well blended because harsh, sharp lines will be accentuated in photos, and have most of the definition close to the lash line to make the eyes “pop”. Waterproof eyeliner and mascara are very important for the bride, bridesmaids and mother of the bride, because there’ll probably be a few tears shed on the day.

Here’s our recommended checklist for wedding makeups:


  • Always have a trial makeup so you and your makeup artist both know what’s required on the day - no surprises!
  • You makeup artist should check for allergies and extras like covering tattoos, pigmentation or scars.
  • Plan the timing, how many people to makeup and the time your artist needs to complete the bridal party makeup, and book her arrival time.
  • Plan a skin care programme that will prepare you for your wedding day.

Makeup Style

  • Choose shades to complement your skin tone
  • Choose shades to co-ordinate the bride and bridesmaids outfits
  • Makeup should be styled to work with the wedding theme, clothing, hairstyles, and brides taste
  • A classic/modern makeup is timeless – avoid extremes that will date
  • Always use a professional, photographic makeup
  • Use eye and lip shades that are not too light, too dark or too bright
  • Cool skin tones need pink, mauve, berry, grey, charcoal and navy
  • Warm skin tones need oyster, gold, bronze, brown, taupe and olive
  • Lipstick last longer than gloss or gels, and natural woody and berry tones photograph well
  • Keep makeup soft - no hard lines so be sure to blend, blend, blend
  • Define, balance and even brows to a nice taper, not too thin
  • Enhance your best features, and don’t play up lesser features
  • Apply a satin finish foundation for the best performance
  • Set foundation with a matte powder for a long-lasting makeup
  • Buy the lipstick and powder for touch-ups on the day
  • A shiny makeup photographs badly, so think soft and satin finish
  • Avoid highly shimmering powders that reflect badly in photos
  • Always use blusher/bronzer in camel, soft pink or peachy tones
  • Waterproof mascara is a must
  • Check body skin for any imperfections to conceal
  • Dust body with soft, bronze shimmers for a healthy, glowing bride.


  • Allow time to create your fabulous makeup
  • Don’t change your makeup so much the groom won’t recognise you!
  • The bride is the focal point of the day
  • The bride is the most beautiful and feminine in the wedding party
  • The camera accentuates all - good and bad – so strive for a gorgeous makeup.

It’s a very special day, so pamper yourself and have fun, and don't forget: wedding photos are forever!