City Chic Makeup

City Chic Makeup

By Wendy Hill

As we surface from a winter that seemed to be full of flu, financial woes and lows and soggy days, moving into spring brings us a healthy lift, sunny days and positive vibes.

There is something special about the spring season: it's a time to shed the winter and to revive and renew the body, mind and soul. It's a great time for a wardrobe, skin, body, hair and makeup workout, and to re-evaluate and update your style.

The Spring/Summer fashion colour stories vary from a soft monotone palette of nude and flesh tones, to bold and bright bands of colour, both of which can be offset with deeper basics like black, navy and grey.

For this column Wendy Hill Cosmetics has teamed up with the fabulous Morgan and Morgan Hair and Makeup Studio, to create a look for this season.


Stylist Deb Tremayne designed and created the 70's City Chic look, styling model Amy Robinson's hair and makeup.

Deb's inspiration of City Chic meant the addition of hair extensions and colour to her model's shorter hair, and bringing the fringe forward. Amy's hair was then blow waved straight, using a volumising product to give lift to the root area. She then ironed her hair, using a heat protectant, and a touch of serum on the ends to separate.

This look evolved into a 70's direction Bardot-style, and is well suited to this season's fashion palette of bold bands of colour.

For the makeup, Deb kept with the concept of smoky eyes and extended this style with the use of colour, adding shades of honey, purple, silver and gold. The metallic eye shadows were applied with a damp brush, then Black Out Gel Eyeliner was added to the upper and lower lids, and false lashes to the outer eye corners.

3This created an amazing effect to the overall look, with a stunning contrast to the model's pale skin and hair.

A few drops of illuminator Candle Glow Gold was mixed with liquid Jojoba Foundation for a soft, dewy effect on the skin. This was contrasted with a matte Camel Blusher, adding just enough for minimal contouring. A light dusting of powder down the T-zone prevented the makeup from becoming too shiny.

The lips were lined with Mocha Mauve Lip Liner, a nude tone, and finished with a touch of Wet Lips clear gloss, blotted down, to keep lips looking very nude, soft and matte.

We used the following Wendy Hill Cosmetics products:

 Foundation: Jojoba Liquid SPF15 Café au Lait 
 Illuminator: Candle Glow Gold
 Powder: Pressed Medium Light
 Concealer: Camouflage Medium Light
 Blusher: Camel
 Eyeshadows: Honey Glow, Magnificent Mauve, Mulberry Satin, Platinum, Shiny Gold.
 Eyeliner: Indelible Gel - Black Out
 Mascara: Water Resistant - Black
 Lipliner: Mocha Mauve Lip Pencil
 Gloss: Wetlips

The Credits:

Salon Morgan and Morgan Hair and Makeup Studio, Takapuna 
Stylist Deb Tremayne
Model Amy Robinson
Photographer Rie Shibata
Photographic Studio Plump Studios, Mt Eden