Captivating Red Carpet Look

Captivating Red Carpet Look

By Wendy Hill

Fashion directions for Summer 2010 are showing a mix of styles from girly girl floaty florals, a military look, spots and stripes, to animal and tribal prints. Colour tones vary with the styles, with soft or cool bright pastels, navy, black and white, neutral beiges and earthy shades.

With the festive season and summer parties, it's a great opportunity to get glam, and really show some style with a sexy, red carpet look for a big event.

This is an easy look to re-create at home for a head turning makeup style with stunning effects.

This season offers two glamorous makeup styles with the continuation of smoky eyes and luscious red lips, to a softer look featuring pink tones for eyes, lips and cheeks. We have opted for the timeless smoky eyes and gorgeous red lips to complement the festive season. The key to this look is to keep a natural balance to the face. As the lip colour is the strongest feature, keep the smoky eye makeup softer. The brows should be beautifully shaped and tapered to frame the face well. This is easy to do with a Brow Kit and stencils!

The aim is to have a smooth matte canvas, so start with Velvet Veil, a smooth face primer for a flawless finish.

For Erakah, we chose an all-in-one Paramedical Camouflage foundation, with a dusting of Oil Controlling Pressed Powder.

Line the eyes with waterproof Gel Eyeliner - Black Out around the whole eye and inner lid, with a short angle eye brush. Eye shadows are kept soft and neutral, starting with Oyster as a base, Sand Beige on the lids and Antique Gold to define the outer edges of the eyes. Gold Bronze Eyedust dusted lightly over the lids will create a luminous finish. Add false single lashes to vamp up the effect, and top with a few coats of smudge proof black mascara.

A warm pink Mango Glow Blusher gives the makeup a soft neutral base while still adding a touch of colour to define this look.

With lips being the focus, line and shape them with Burnt Red Lip liner first to avoid lips looking too thin and sharp. A warm red works best to create voluptuous, sexy lips! Using a brush, add Matte Real Red Lipstick and finish with Wetlips, a high shine clear lip gloss. Another option is to leave the lips matte.

Use Skyscraper Hairspray first as a light and workable super dry blast, for easy layering of products. Then finish with Fudge Unleaded Defrizz Shine Serum to smooth over frizziness, enhance colour and create slinky smooth, glossy hair.

We used:

  • Primer: Velvet Veil
  • Foundation: Paramedical Camouflage - Natural Beige
  • Powder: Oil Controlling - Medium
  • Brow Kit: Taupe
  • Eyeliner:  Gel - Blackout
  • Eyeshadows: Oyster, Sand Beige, Antique Gold
  • Eyedust: Gold Bronze
  • Blusher: Mango Glow
  • Lipliner: Burnt Red
  • Lipstick: Matte Real Red
  • Lip Gloss: Wetlips
  • Makeup artist: Amitee Green-Hill
  • Hairstylist: Strickzin Salon
  • Photographer: Tui Hibbs
  • Model: ERAKAH
  • Jewels: Wendy Hill