Makeup Students' Talents Shine in Fashion Photo Shoot

Makeup Students' Talents Shine in Fashion Photo Shoot

What happens when you give top class makeup students a brief to produce two fashion looks for 2011 based on a floral fantasy and military style themes?

In the case of the annual collaboration between Wendy Hill Cosmetics and makeup students from Auckland's Cut Above Academy, the result is outstanding: stylish creativity and fantastic makeups that are an incredible tribute to the talent of this year's two young artists, Stephanie Tan and Dionne Tuala. Two quite different looks are chosen for the brief by Wendy Hill Cosmetics, to give the students more creative opportunities for their designs. The students complete designs of the looks - including makeup design boards or look books, hair design, product details, colour shades, face charts and the inspiration behind the design - and these are submitted to Wendy and her team who choose the top artist for each look based on their presentation and design, and their overall understanding of a brief.  This gives the students a unique and valuable opportunity to experience a creative makeup shoot from brief/design through to the photographic studio, and to have their work published. To have professional photos for their portfolios and CVs is important for their future in the industry.  Stephanie Tan was chosen for her Military Woman submission. Her inspiration came from the 1920's, with a strong design that is smart, defined, sexy and just girly enough for younger women who like the military look. Stephanie kept with her concept of strong smoky eyes, and extended this style with the addition of pink eyeshadow for a modern, feminine edge.  She portrayed a look of a strong woman with attitude, who is also a fun loving girl! The overall effect is amazing on camera. Dionne Tuala was the chosen artist for Floral Fantasy makeup, and her inspiration came from the tropics, and her favourite tropical flowers.  The floral tones in her design came from the Pacific, and were perfect for this season's fashion colour palette of tangerine, coral and pinks. Dionne created a makeup with shades reminiscent of a tropical sunset, which glowed on her model's face. Her choice of eye, cheek and lip shades was beautiful and ultra modern, the perfect complement for this season's girly-girl, floral fashion. Wendy says the level of professionalism from Stephanie and Dionne was outstanding. "It was a privilege to work with young emerging talent with such fresh ideas and creative freedom," she says.  "The students have learned good makeup techniques, and clearly understand the principles of professional photographic makeup." How to create these looks:


This season stores are filled with soft, floaty frocks and pretty, girly tops. Tiny, classical floral patterns sit alongside boisterous abstract floribunda patterned frocks. Frills and flounces embellish the styles, and shades range from barely-there nude pastel tones, to strong or bright pastels.  To balance the makeup with these colourful clothing palettes, Donna opted to use softer makeup shades, and brought out the stronger eyeshadow and lip shades to amp up the soft pastels.  This avoids the lollipop, or goody-goody gumdrops ice cream effect! The inspiration here reflects the beauty of hibiscus flowers - gorgeous shades of tangerine, coral, peach and pinks and a tropical feel.

Face: Start with Velvet Veil primer, it smoothes out the skin's surface and creates a flawless finish for the foundation. It's great for keeping makeup from sliding in the heat and humidity too. Apply Jojoba Liquid Foundation SPF15 for a smooth, natural, satin finish. Set with Oil Controlling pressed powder just down the T-zone to control shine, while leaving the rest of the face with a dewy finish. Blusher Duo Riviera dusted high on the cheekbones will give a shot of warm colour.

Eyes: To complement a soft toned outfit, amp up the eyes with stunning eye shadow shades, applying Touch Of Peach all over the eye area from lash to brow, Gold Bronze to the lid, then blend Coral Peach into the outer eye area for a beautiful sunset effect. Add white eyeliner to the inner rim of the eye, and a touch of Shiny Gold eye shadow to the outer rim to make the eyes pop. Liberally apply black mascara to frame and define the eyes.

Lips: Using the lip shaper brush, apply Golden Sunset lipstick, a fabulous metallic shade shot with gold that is a hot favourite orange/coral shade for this summer.


The military look currently in stores requires a more defined makeup to reflect the stylised theme of the clothes.  Cropped jackets with crisp clean lines and base colours of black, grey, navy, stripes and metallic trims, will look the part teamed with bold, smoky eyes and red lips. This look is reminiscent of marching girls 1920's style! Here's how Stephanie created this edgy look:

Face: Velvet Veil primer is applied first, then Yellow Camouflage to even out any dark circles and prepare the skin. Top this with Jojoba Liquid Foundation SPF15 in a shade lighter than the skin to create a paler more porcelain finish, using the foundation brush for a very even result. Set with Oil Control loose powder to keep the foundation matte. Blusher Camel applied to the cheekbones and well blended will sculpt the face and define the bones. 
Eyes: This look needs a frame, so use an Indelible Brow Liner to create a smooth brow arch to frame and define the eyes. Start with eye shadow Oyster and apply all over the eye area, followed by Pink Glow, taking it to just above the crease. This will add a feminine twist to the look.  Gradually layer and blend black eyeshadow for a defined smoky finish. Line the lower inner lid and top lid with Gel Eyeliner Back Out, which is smudge proof and waterproof. Top with water resistant black mascara, and add single false lashes to the outer corners of the eyes for maximum effect.  
Lips:  A bold lip shade was chosen because it looked great with the black jacket and silver trims. Try the new lipstick Hot Tamale, a spicy hot red shade. Lips are lined with lipliner Burnt Red. Another option is a nude shade like new lipstick Au Natural if you want the eyes to be the focus or for a softer, girlier look. High shine, clear gloss Wetlips was added for a very sexy shine over the red lipstick. 

This makeup has attitude! 


  • Military Woman - Stephanie Tan
  • Model - Charlotte Kennedy
  • Floral Fantasy - Dionne Tuala
  • Model - Enna Ye 
  • Photographer - Lisa Gladkova at Plump Studios