Create the perfect brows - every time

Create the perfect brows - every time

Eyebrows frame the face, so one of the fundamentals of a good makeup is beautifully shaped and defined brows.

The Wendy Hill Natural Brow Shaping Kit is a very useful clinic tool that enables therapists and makeup artists to create, shape, define and seal beautiful natural looking eyebrows  - every time.

As our illustration shows, using a Wendy Hill Brow Kit and single false eyelashes frames this bride's eyes perfectly.

Beauty therapists are trained to shape and tint the brows as part of their services, and the Brow Kit is an excellent addition to that. Therapists are using the stencils as a guide to demonstrate the desired shape to their clients, then following the shape when waxing or plucking - easy!

The Wendy Hill Natural Brow Kit kit (pictured) has all the tools needed to achieve the perfect arch, with three stencil sizes that allow you to perfectly apply the eyebrow shading powder. Then simply fix the shapely new brows with the brow gel to provide smudge-proof brows with long colour wear and lovely finish to complement the face and eye shape


For women who have lost their brow hair for medical reasons, like alopecia or chemotherapy and find it difficult to use a pencil, the Brow Kit is a lovely product that is simple to use and will achieve a very natural look.

It is also popular with makeup artists doing catwalk or show makeup where there is a set makeup style for all the models. It is quick to apply and looks fabulous in a group show, creating perfect brows and instant impact to any look. This makeup work is often seen on a raised platform and at a distance, so the largest stencil will be the right proportion.

The brow shadows come in two shades: Taupe (WHM0030) which is suitable for blondes, silver/white hair and redheads; and Black/Brown (WHM0031) which is suitable for dark hair. The RRP is $73.25.

For further details contact any Wendy Hill stockist or makeup artist: click here for details.