Fabulous Faux Fashion Lashes for Lashionistas!

Fabulous Faux Fashion Lashes for Lashionistas!

Fabulous fashion lash sets - made from high quality human hair - are the exciting latest addition to the Wendy Hill Collection.

We have a range of lengths and styles to cover all your needs, from bridal and other special occasions to just a few singles for that finishing touch to your look.

The quality of our lashes is outstanding - they are 100% human hair (not plastic!), with curved bases so they sit beautifully and look so natural. As with all our new products, they are Wendy Hill Lashionista Team tried and tested and we love their natural glamorous look, and how soft, comfortable and lightweight they are, and how easy they are to use. The glue holds brilliantly and comes off with eye makeup remover (but not before!) and the Full Lashes are reusable!


The lashes are so soft to wear and look so natural - they’re just gorgeous for bridal, ball and special occasion wear! Available in Single Flares (short, medium and long), Combos (incorporating short, medium and long) and Full Lashes (short, medium, tapered and staggered) - RRP $21.95 per pack. For full product details, check our website listing.


How to add extra glamour! Try the Single Flares and just pop three or four on the outer corner of the eyes for a very natural look, or use the Full Lashes for added glamour. The Eyelash Glue is terrific, easy to apply, dries transparent and really holds the lashes on well.

As professionals, we all know the benefits of using a high quality product, not only for your professional reputation, but especially because when you put so much effort into your makeup work, you want your clients to be happy with the finished look – and with Wendy Hill Fabulous Fashion Lashes, they will be!