Fabulous Photo Eyes

Fabulous Photo Eyes

By Wendy Hill

There is a saying ‘the eyes are the windows to the soul’ and in the world of photographic makeup, it is paramount.

The eyes say everything to a photographer whose aim is to capture the essence of their model and get the best shot possible.

The makeup artist needs to carefully plan the overall style of the photographs being taken and ensure that the correct professional products, colours and techniques are implemented. For example, a bridal makeup is planned with the bride to complement her style, but for all studio and commercial magazine work, collaboration with the photographer is important to achieve the best results.

We love the result in the image shown here, she looks just like a leopard!

When a character makeup is required, artistry comes to the fore – it’s not just about popping on a pattern! The key is to make sure that the design ‘fits’ the model’s face and works with her natural contours and bone structure. If not, the makeup design will distort on the model’s features when they move and will photograph badly.

Working with the model’s natural features in any eye makeup style will result in stunning photographs when done well.

Professional Tips And Tools For Photo Eye Makeup

Brows frame the face and are the starting point for a good result. A Brow Kit With Stencils is a great tool for creating the perfect brow shape, using the finer stencil for smaller eyes and a natural makeup, or the thicker one for dramatic eye makeup. This one looks great for catwalk makeup. Finish with Clear Mascara to set and polish the brows - no flyaway brow hairs in photos please!

Lashes will add drama to any eye makeup look, and fake lashes are essential for dramatic fashion looks or character makeup to add volume. Our Faux Fashion Lashes come in Single Flares, and Full with Graduated and Staggered Lashes, so choose the ones that are right for the look required. Always use natural hair lashes because nylon lashes look very fake and shiny on camera.

Eye Prep - good preparation of the eye area will give the best results. Start with Good Night’s Sleep Eye Primer to even out the skin tone. Use on the lids and under the eyes to reduce any redness or dark shadows. It will ensure the eye makeup lasts and keeps colours true to shade. No Baggage is also a great tool to correct puffy eyes, and lighten and tighten and lift the eye area.

Colour And Shape are important. Always choose eye makeup products and shades that suit the model’s skin tone and the design. To further enhance the photographs, work to create a sculptural 3D effect using the principals of light and shade. Start with the Camouflage Wheel with 5 shades from light to dark to sculpt the desired shape.

  • Light shades - will bring forward and give volume
  • Dark shades - will recede and give depth
  • Bright shades - will push out

Remember the two makeup things photographers hate most are too much shine and reflection on camera. These can give the face a white or ashen caste in photographs, and distort the image too.

To prevent any adverse effects with the camera always work with professional makeup that is designed to photographically perform and you’ll achieve stunning results and fabulous photographs.

To help you create stunning eye makeup!

Brow Kits With Stencils

Create, shape and define beautiful, natural looking brows - every time - with our wonderful Brow Kits. Eyebrows frame the face and this kit has all the tools an artist needs to achieve the perfect arch. The multi-shape stencils allow you to perfectly apply the eyebrow shading powder, and simply fix with the brow gel for smudge-proof beautiful brows. Available in Taupe and Black/Brown.

Corrective Wands

Create flawless eye makeup with our Primer and Corrective wands. Leave puffy under-eye bags at home and brighten with No Baggage, formulated with Mango and Papaya to provide lift and minimise lines, and with Vitamin E, Echinacea and Aloe to soothe. Good Night's Sleep primes the lids with a soft yellow corrective and eliminates dark circles under the eyes instantly.

Faux Fashion Lashes For Fashionistas!

Our fabulous fashion lash sets - high quality 100% natural hair – are perfect for special occasion and photographic work from a glamorous full set to just a few singles. The curved bases sit so naturally on the eyes, and they’re so easy to use. Great glue that holds brilliantly and comes off easily with eye makeup remover. And our Full Lashes are reusable!