Into the Fuschia

Into the Fuschia

By Wendy Hill

Thanks to orchid’s Colour of the Year status, we can enjoy a revival of lots of beautiful purple shades inspired by hothouse gardens.

The colour spectrum stretches from powdery pastel shades of lavender, lilac and orchid pinks that are so soft and wearable, to the bolder statement shades of hot fuschia pinks and purples. There’s a shade to suit all skin tones.

The winter climate can make the complexion appear dull and washed out, so embrace the beautiful shades of purple as they will add a flattering freshness and vibrancy to the skin. Of course you can choose to wear any shade, anytime, anywhere, anyhow - but here is a guide to wearing purple so you won’t look like a crazy bunch of mixed flowers!

Which shade for my skin tone?

All purples and pinks are not the same. Choosing the most flattering purple shades for your skin is much like deciding on the best shade of red lipstick - the shade of purple should work with your undertones. 
If you have a warm skin tone, look for the shades that are more muted and mix in some warmer accents on the eyes using brown or soft bronze shades of eyeshadow and eyeliner, and warm pink or mango blusher. We love the mix of brown and purple!

Keep your foundation shade warm as usual to offset the cooler look. A cool undertone can wear the bold purples and bright fuschia pinks as a total look because of their very cool blue base tones. Adding a touch of platinum metallic silver shadow to eye makeup will add a sparkle and highlight the purple shades.

How and when to wear purple?

fuchsia-looksThis season’s trend is to wear statement lipstick shades during the day, yippee!!

This doesn’t mean it needs to be dark. For daytime, opt for a lighter, paler colour like new Tiffany@Wendy Hill Matte Lipstick Cloud Nine for a great statement, or a soft gloss like Wendy Hill new limited edition Lip Lusters Bite Me and Flipside.

For a more dressed up or night look, go for it with a bold hot pink like new Wendy Hill Flaming Fuschia lipstick. For the best result, team a statement pout with more neutral eyes, particularly with the highly saturated shades like the new Matte Lipsticks.

Minimise the eyes to balance out this look with a sheer wash of pastel eyeshadows Pink Glow and Crushed Violet Matte with minimal eyeliner, to complement the bright lip colours, a very feminine way to wear the trend!

Purple is a gorgeous shade to use for a smoky eye. For extra drama use eyeshadow Pink Opalescence as a base and Winter Grape Matte as the deeper accent, and a touch of Platinum as a perfect highlight to the inner corners of the eyes. The ongoing cat-eye eyeliner trend looks amazing too with both the nude and bright lip.

Your mood

These shades will make you feel fabulously vibrant. Even if you’re not in the mood for a bold lip, a bold colour will give you confidence and lift your day!

Try a hot pink when you need some extra pep, or a soft pink to feel more carefree and feminine. Sultry, smoky purple eyes are sexy, smouldering and sensational.

Wearing eye-catching bright and bold colours can take us out of our comfort zone, but there is a fun statement shade to suit even the shyest!

Get the look!

Foundation: keep the foundation very natural and matte with a light application of all-in-one Wendy Hill Paramedical Camouflage Cream Foundation Nude Cream applied with the Foundation Brush.

Blusher: choose Mineral Blusher - I’m Blushing, a sheer fuschia blusher that will also serve as a highlighter. A blusher with a slight sheen to it will add just enough shimmer to accentuate the lip colour without overpowering it. Add No Baggage Corrective Wand just to the top of the cheekbones to lighten and brighten.

Eyes: use Crushed Violet Matte eyeshadow as a sheer base to the lids, blended softly with a touch of Pink Glow. For a modern vibe, we recommend use a paler shade like Crushed Violet Matte under the eye area and Winter Grape Matte as a darker shade to accent the upper lid. Gel Eyeliner Magnetism pressed along the upper lash line and a black mascara will frame the eyes.

Lips: Hot… hot… the hottest new shade Wendy Hill Lipstick Flaming Fuchsia perfectly applied with the Lip Brush and topped with glossy Wet Lips for a pout with punch!!

Top Tip:

  • When using eye colour as the focus, ensure brows are perfectly shaped and groomed to complete the eye work.
  • Apply No Baggage Corrective Wand as an eyeshadow base to even out skin tone.
  • Try applying Eyeliner Pencil White blended onto the lid under any bright shade to make the colours pop!
  • Always keep lips exfoliated and use Yu-Be Lip Balm to keep lips hydrated, because dry lips will be accentuated by matte or bright lipstick.