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Wendy Hill Makeup is New Zealand's leading professional, cruelty-free makeup, and a favourite of the New Zealand beauty profession.

Our products are designed for outstanding photographic results as well as everyday wear. They have an enduring performance factor, which means your makeup will last and continue to look great under even the toughest conditions.

It is created from superior, healthy, skin-friendly ingredients and designed for every makeup occasion from everyday wear through to special occasions such as weddings  or balls.

It is the only professional makeup Collection conceived and created by a leading New Zealand makeup artist specifically for New Zealand women, and to complement New Zealand's unique and beautiful natural golden light.

Wendy Hill Cosmetics is perfect for every woman!

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Introducing Kiriora Face Treatment Oils

Wendy Hill Cosmetics is proud to bring you the newest trend in skin care – Kiriora Face Treatment Oils.

These beautiful New Zealand made treatments embrace the healing power of New Zealand native plants with customary Māori treatments and therapies, and are enriched with healing oils filled with antioxidants, vitamins and active botanicals to repair and restore your skin to glowing health.

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Fran McDonald has trialled the Kiriora #1 Face Oil.

Here’s what she said about the wonderful results she achieved with the product:

"Within 24 hours of using the product, I noticed a significant difference - my skin went from being dry and wrinkled, to plump and more youthful.  I’ve particularly noticed the lines around my mouth are much, much better.

One thing I have particularly noticed, is that I’ve struggled with a very dry spot on my face that was raised and red. It has been noticeable for years. My dermatologist used dry ice on it and it worked for a while but then came back – now it’s almost completely gone. 

I think it’s all about the fantastic hydrating and healing quality of the product. I would absolutely recommend it."

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